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Is your human capital management strategy missing the mark?

  • Breadth of offerings*
  • Facilitating a positive employee culture
  • Higher user adoption
  • Value creation through greater employee engagement
  • Human capital / Leadership BI dashboard with over 50 SHRM / ISO KPIs
  • Degree of configurability and speed
  • Ease of use / Intuitive / Look & feel
  • Agility/Customer driven functionality updates
  • Rapid & easy of deployment (Weeks not Months!)
  • Unique internal talent search and match
  • Contractors, volunteers and alumni are included
  • Compatible with all hand held devices

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Self -
Self -
Love and belonging
Safety and security
Physiological needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Fueling a Dynamic Employee Experience

Our Focus:

  • Continuous Employee Feedback
  • Continuous Performance Management
  • Goals & Alignment
  • Engagement Measurements
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Succession Planning

We complement & interface with all ERP systems

  • Benefits
  • Hiring (ATS)
  • Payroll
  • Record-Keeping (HRIS)
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Learning Management System

Hire-to-Retire Workforce Solutions

That Help Increase Engagement and Decrease Turnover

Performance Management System Solution

Ease of Implementation

  • Implementation in weeks, not months
  • No external consultants are needed!
  • Multiple locations, currencies and languages
  • On-site training for large and enterprise customers
  • Secure FTP data transfer and APIs
  • Single sign-on with multiple entities
  • Significantly broader in scope and more cost effective than alternatives

Organizations Utilizing Bullseye Solutions

We provide our solutions for organizations with 250 – 250,000+ employees from all industries

"We are not just a software provider; we are a solutions provider. We realize our clients have unique needs and that our success depends on theirs. We work hard to understand the pain points they have and the problems they are trying to solve. That requires us to listen carefully, ask questions, and work collaboratively to ensure solutions that we implement make a positive difference."

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO

Employee Engagement Drives Results

Source Gallup

Our solutions are driving similar outcomes!

What do our clients have to say?

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Awards and Recognitions

Disruptor of the Year

BullseyeEngagement LLC (Disruptor of the Year)

is recognized by Insights Success Magazine in

Upon Review of the nominees listed in The Industry Disruptors Redefining Innovation, with consideration of aspects such as prolificacy in the application and delivery of technology, provision of all-encompassed solutions and services, and an ambitious global ascension, BullseyeEngagement as Disruptor of the year has excelled pertaining to developing its complete human capital development solutions for performance improvement of its clients," asserts the Editor-in-Chief of Insights Success Magazine.

Pooja M. Bansal, Editor-in-Chief